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Jesus is my everything.
I'm learning who I am everyday.
I have a handsome and wonderful boyfriend of 2 years.
I'm now a senior in college and majoring in Clinical Laboratory Science.
I like lace and Nike running shoes.
Running and listening to metal soothes my soul.
I'm also a tad bit obsessed with Toms.

Jeremiah 29:11


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these roses have been wedged into the pages of Hosea for over 300 days. their age reminds me of the countless truths God has taught me from this radical, uncomfortable, scandalous love story. It’s utterly ludicrous, yet I’m compelled, captivated, by this kind of relentless love. 


@MacyMed you know me too well! Thank you for the beautiful hand painted sign.
Looking forward to another Summer packed full of adventure ahead.

God loves Atheists and Christians precisely the same. Remember that the next time you think your faith makes you better than someone else.

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Love is when a man wipes your tears and loves you even after you beat him, spit on him, nailed him to a cross and left him there to die.

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